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                CRM Attended the 14th China International Semiconductor Expo & Summit

                发稿时间:2016-11-14来源:KA 【 字体:
                  From 8th to 10th November 2016, the 14th China International Semiconductor Expo & Summit (IC CHINA 2016), co-hosted by CSIA and Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information, was held in Shanghai. During the Expo, CSIA Executive Director Xu Xiaotian and National Fund Director Ding Wenwu visit CRM's exhibition hall and exchange ideas with CRM's General Manager Zhang Shenwen and Executive Member Wang Guoping. 
                  “Intelligent fire SOC” of CR Semico and “Power MOSFET DSMOS” of CR Huajing are awarded the prize of “Outstanding Exhibitor Product” and CRM's exhibition hall was honored as “Best Exhibition Hall in Creative Design and Construct”.