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                CSMC Held 2016 Chengdu Technology Symposium

                发稿时间:2016-11-25来源:CSMC 【 字体:
                  CSMC Technologies Corporation ("CSMC"), a China Resources Microelectronics Limited ("CRM") subsidiary company, held CSMC Technology Symposium in Chengdu on Nov.18, 2016, with the theme of “Work better together, Make the Future”. The symposium is hosted by CSMC and co-organized by National integrated circuit design Chengdu industrial base. Nearly 100 IC talents and cooperative partners around joined the Symposium.
                  Wilson Yu, CRM vice president also CSMC general manager,   delivered a speech in the Symposium. He pointed out, IC foundry is crucial to the development of CRM. As the only enterprise with the whole semiconductor industrial chain in China, CRM is actively integrating internal resources to achieve better technology and service for our customers. CRM is also looking forward to building close relationship with Chengdu IC design enterprises, making contributions for the development of China IC industry.