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                CRM Entered Cooperation Relationship with Jiangsu College of Information Technology

                发稿时间:2016-06-27来源:人力ξ 资源部 【 字体:

                  The school-enterprise cooperation signing ceremony between CRM and Jiangsu College of Information Technology was held on Jun.22nd. The main purpose of this ceremony is the cooperation renewal, scholarship presentation and CRM Intern Recruitment. Mr. Chen Nanxiang and Ms. Yao Donghan from CRM, Mr. Xi Haitao and Mr Lu Jinjun from JCIT attend the ceremony. Mr. Chen and Mr. Xi signed the cooperation agreement and awarded the 10 scholarship winners on the ceremony. Besides, CRM got the title of “Outside School Internship Base”.

                  Mr. Chen said on the ceremony, winning the scholarship need consistent efforts and hope more students could get it in the future. China is making every effort to develop IC industry and need lots of talents. We hope more students could join in the industry and work hard for it.