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                CR Micro running team take part in 2016 C’estbon Wuxi international marathon

                发稿时间:2016-03-24来源:公司办公室 【 字体:

                  CR Micro running team, together with 30,000 marathon runners, take part in 2016 C’estbon Wuxi international marathon on Mar.20th.18 runners from CR Micro take part in full marathon(42.195km) and 31 runners take part in the half-marathon(21.0975km). All of them finished in the specified time.

                  Under the support of the labor union, CR Micro running team engaged professional long distance coach to organize regular scientific training before the competition. They fully showed the sportsmanship of self-challenge, over the limit, stubborn and unyielding, never give up. They hope more colleagues will join in the running team and enjoy the health and happiness that from running.