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                ANST Qualifies EoPlex CSI ™ Platform

                发稿时间:2015-09-16来源: 【 字体:

                EoPlex, Inc., a subsidiary of ASTI Holdings, Ltd. (ASTI:SP) and developer of the world's first 3D printed interconnect for semiconductor packaging announces the qualification of its CSI ™ platform with Wuxi China Resources Micro-Assembly Technology Co., Ltd. (ANST), a leading Chinese IC assembly and test company.

                EoPlex is the only company with multi-material additive printing capability, enabling 3D printing using polymer, metal, and ceramic materials. Today, the CSI ™ platform is used to print semiconductor interconnect and enable significant cost and size reduction of QFN, QFP, and BGA packages while improving electrical and thermal performance. The CSI ™ platform is also applicable to advanced multi-die, multi-chip applications such as SiP and PoP.

                “EoPlex 3D HVPF ™ technology is a radical departure from traditional 3D technology, and the CSI ™ Platform is transforming semiconductor packaging, beginning with QFN packages. We are delighted to forge a partnership with ANST in reshaping the semiconductor packaging world, allowing companies to better respond to the explosive demand in the mobility market,” said Robert Bagheri, EoPlex COO.

                ANST has qualified the CSI ™ Platform for use in QFN packages, and the CSI ™ Platform will be available to select customers for disruptive consumer, automotive and medical product designs.

                “ANST has worked with EoPlex to qualify the CSI ™ Platform and provide our customers with a versatile interconnect solution that offers superior electrical and thermal performance. The CSI ™ Platform offers the thinnest possible form factor available, and enables the development of thinner, lighter, and more reliable packages. ANST is now accepting designs for single and multiple die products for high volume production,” said Mr. Zhang Xiao-Jian, General Manager, ANST.

                Contact EoPlex at info@eoplex.com, ANST China Sales contact Wilson Ma at Wilson_ma@anst.crmicro.com, or ANST USA Sales contact Paul Emmett at paul.emmett@anst.crmicro.com. Contact Linda Chan at pr@eoplex.com for all media inquiries.