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                CR Micro was listed among “Top 50 Innovative Enterprises in the Chinese Electronic Information Industry”.

                发稿时间:2015-02-10来源:KA 【 字体:

                On January 27, General Development Conference and Summit Forum 2015 of China Electronic Information Industry was open in Beijing under the co-sponsorship of China Information Technology Industry Federation, China Electronics Chamber of Commerce and China Software Industry Association and instruction of Ministry of Industry and Information. On the conference, CR Micro was listed among “Top 50 Innovative Enterprises in the Chinese Electronic Information Industry”.
                To implement spirits of national industrialization and information working conference and give full play to the leading role of excellent electronics information enterprises in the industry R&D and innovation, sustainable development and quality brand building, China Information Technology Industry Federation organized the election of top 50 innovative enterprises in the Chinese electronic information industry. The evaluation was made on candidates mainly around R&D investment, number of patents, revenue and other key indicators.