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                CSMC attained ISO50001 energy management system certificate.

                发稿时间:2015-02-03来源:KA 【 字体:

                In January, 2015, 6” wafer and 8” wafer plants of CSMC Technologies Corporation under the control of CR Micro (“CSMC”) passed ISO50001 energy management system certification by CQC.
                As one of major energy consumers (i.e. annual energy consumption of 10,000t standard coal or more), CSMC is among the first batch of enterprises to establish the energy management system. There are 174 major energy consumers in Wuxi where CSMC wafer plants are located. As reported, 14 enterprises in Wuxi passed the energy management system certification by third party by the end of November, 2014. Two CSMC wafer plants passed the energy management system certification successfully in December, 2014 and became the first certificate holder among wafer OEM in the mainland of China. Attainment of energy management system is helpful for CSMC to develop the market, overcome technical trade barrier, win favors of foreign customers and expand the international marketing channel.
                CSMC always responds to the national call for energy saving and emission reduction actively and makes great progresses in respect of energy saving. It not only establishes a complete energy management standard and specification but also maintains an effective system of energy saving and emission reduction. Build a responsible enterprise image, reduce the operating cost and keep the competitiveness in face of increasing energy cost.
                The climate change has been the common challenge for human society and attracted high attention of current international community. Energy saving and emission reduction is an effective win-win approach to economic development and environmental protection. It is the intrinsic request for sustainable development of China and an important contribution to relief of global climatic change. Obviously CSMC has conducted the excellent energy management and was rewarded by government consequently.