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                Formal launch of our technology forum “Chip Think Tank”

                发稿时间:2015-02-02来源:Office 【 字体:

                On January 26, we held a ceremony for formal launch of our technology forum "Chip Think Tank" and the 3rd expert seminar. Shuo CHEN, chairman of the board unveiled the "Chip Think Tank" and members of our executive committee and more 150 technicians participated in the ceremony. For this expert seminar, we invited the professor from Xi’an Jiaotong University to introduce the development trend of SiC power devices at home and abroad. It attracted strong interests of our technicians and caused the hot interaction on site.
                "Chip Think Tank" is used to include e-books, technical literatures, international meeting materials and training data related to microelectronics. It is a literature library of electronic technologies and provides our technicians with convenient access to technical data. Now, there are 256 e-books, 968 technical papers, 4441 international meeting materials and 1 IEMC training material in our "Chip Think Tank".