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                Patented Racetrack NLDMOS and Its Manufacturing Methods of CSMC fills in a technological gap in China.

                发稿时间:2015-01-19来源:KA 【 字体:

                The patented “Racetrack NLDMOS and Its Manufacturing Methods” that was developed independently by CSMC Technologies Corporation under the control of CR Micro (“CSMC”) won the gold award of 7th Wuxi Patent Award in 2014 recently. The patented technology fills in a technological gap in China. It is the first process technology for single-chip intelligent switching power IC in China and reaches the international leading level. Now it has been applied in wafer production lines in CSMC. At present, the cumulative output of Racetrack NLDMOS has reached 240,000 pieces and increased the revenue considerably. In last two years the technology created the direct sales volume of 380 million yuan and the profit of 45 million yuan.
                This patent provides a racetrack NLDMOS and its manufacturing methods. It uses the circular ring structure to form a P-type concentric ring of N-type drift region, by adjusting the P-type’s radius to control the total quantity of the P-type’s impurity, so as to achieve a charge balance of the N-type’s impurity and improve the withstanding voltage of the racetrack device. Traditionally, a simple PN junction is made in the corner and the reverse withstanding voltage of PN junction is the withstanding voltage of corner part of device. Though it is simple, it leaves no space for channel in the corner and wastes the area of chip. The patented technology can not only improve the withstanding voltage in the corner part of racetrack device but also reserve the cannel in the corner. It increases the current, makes full use of area of chip and reduces the turn-on resistance.
                CSMC applied for 41 more patents to make a patent portfolio around this main patent at home and abroad so that it can control and obtain the protection in its business fields. At present, CSMC’s domestic market share of single chip LED driver power has achieved 100% and the number of famous customers is 21. And some products have been used by the car makers such as Volkswagen and Audi.