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                One project of CSMC obtained the approval for IC special funds in 2014.

                发稿时间:2014-12-30来源:KA 【 字体:

                In August, 2014, R&D Center of CR Micro organized its subsidiaries, CSMC, Masking, Semico and Huajing to report 5 projects for Integrated-circuit Industry Research and Development Special Funds in 2014. After examination of Ministry of Industry and Information and Ministry of Finance, CSMC “Development and industrialization of high-performance low-cost high-voltage CMOS process platform” obtained the approval.
                This project realizes the single chip integration of control circuit, high-voltage starting and supply circuit and high-voltage power switch MOS tube on the super-high-voltage BCD process platform. It reduces the size of PCB greatly, energy consumption of system and design complexity of circuit board to meet the development demand of LED lights and other relevant products.