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                CRM Entered Cooperation Relationship with Jiangsu College of Information Technology

                发稿时间:2014-09-10来源:人力资△源部 【 字体:

                  On 4th September, the signing ceremony between our company and Jiangsu College of Information Technology (JSIT) for future cooperation and the opening ceremony for “CRM Class” were held at lecture hall in JSIT. Chairman Chen Shuo and Party Secretary of JSIT Lu Guoping jointly inaugurated IC Design Lab which was established by both parties. Deputy General Manager Ma Weiqing, Dean of College Xi Haitao signed the contract on behalf of the company and JSTI and the company was awarded as Offsite Practice Base. Company leaders Yu Churong, Yao Donghan and Depty Dean of College Lu Jinjun attended the ceremony.

                  On the ceremony, Chairman Chen Shuo said that microelectronics has became a pillar industry for our country’s sustainable development and according to unprecedented emphasis on information security by the country, CRM was determined to follow up national strategies, carry out responsibilities as a SOE, stand up for the development of Chinese microelectronics and contribute to this field as wholehearted as possible. The effort of several generations’ were needed for the revitalization of Chinese microelectronics, Chen mentioned, and “CRM Class” was expected to bring more talent to this field and the company, hand in hand with JSIT, should work hard to further advance its development. Lu Guoping said that JSIT had been working closely with CRM for a long time and by this cooperation platform both parties would definitely broaden and strengthen the already effective cooperation to cultivate more talent for this field.

                  “CRM Class”, a beneficial cooperation between the company and JSIT established according to the strategy and talent need of the former, was a comprehensive plan including design, equipment and talent development. Oriented by the interest of the students and based on specialized knowledge and skill training, this class was designed to cultivate special talent for IC design and manufacture with tailored courses and engineering practice. Besides, the company would provide JSIT with professional equipments in the field of microelectronics and set up a lab jointly with the latter to further advance the integration of production, study, research and application. Students of this class would have the chance to be provided with professional practice and special scholarship which were expected to help them apply their knowledge in working position and ensure that those poverty stricken students who were interested in this field would be able to complete their study and rewarded for their hard work.

                  On the following the first course for the class students got to know the company much better. By the interviews of different managers, they learned the history, status quo and future plan of the plan. Leaders from the company shared their stories which included years of youth in college and gains and losses when they began to work. They encouraged the students to study hard and gain wider experience so as to contribute to the development of national microelectronics.

                  The cooperation between the company and JSIT reflects the company’s social responsibility and its hope for bring more special talent who meet the requirement of the development of the company!