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                China Resources Microelectronics Patent Industrialization Level Shooting Up

                发稿时间:2014-09-09来源:上华 【 字体:

                  Sep 4, 2014 Wuxi Daily report It is learnt from the Intellectual Property Office of the New District that CSMC, an affiliated company of China Resources Microelectronics located in the New District, has substantially increased its sales ability with increased direct sales of 380 million Yuan and increased profit of 45 million Yuan. The industrialization of proprietary technology erupted with great power, which has been listed on the top of direct patent output of the city.

                  This proprietary technology named “Racetrack-Shaped NLDMOS Transistor and Its Creation Method” is independently developed by engineers of CSMC, which filled the blanks in the country and created the first domestic Power Supply IC technology applied in monolithic intelligent switches that is up to the international advanced level. Currently, this patent has been applied to 6 inch and 8 inch wafer production line and the accumulated productivity has reached to 240,000 pieces.

                  Establishing patent pool and promoting patent industrialization are the core contents of China Resources Microelectronics’ patent strategy that can embody the true value of patents. Kang Bin, assistant general manager of China Resources Microelectronics said that they have applied 41 related domestic and international patents on the basis of the above-mentioned core patent, which aims to create a patent group in order to systematically control and protect the specific territory of the company and equip the company with sustainable competitive advantage. Patent layout has leading effect on products and the market. So far, CRMC owns 100% market share in terms of single chip LED lighting driving power in domestic market and 21 domestic and international well-known clients. Some of the products have been used on Volkswagen, Audi and other automobile manufacturers.

                  It has been said that China Resources Microelectronics has clear patent award policy in order to encourage “valuable” innovation. Kang Bin told us that “the more valuable the inventers are, the more awards they will get”. The annual award of some inventors may even exceed their post salary. The person in charge of the Intellectual Property Office of the New District said that the New District actively guides companies to achieve patent industrialization rather than creating “patents locked in the drawers”. Enterprise patent application has reached 95% in the whole district and all applications are closely related to enterprise product development and market exploration. All patents reserved by China Resources Microelectronics are acquired from research & development and 90% of them are invention patents – in other words, 100% patent industrialization has been achieved.