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                The Series of Technology of the Third Generation 700V BCD of CSMS was developed successfully

                发稿时间:2013-05-15来源:上华 【 字体:

                  CR Micro attached CSMC (CSMC Technologies Corporation) recently announced that it has successfully developed the series of technology of the third generation 700V BCD. The technology platform was independently developed based on the technology of the second generation silicon based 700V BCD. Through continuous process improvement, the design specification of its control circuit was reduced by 15% with the on-resistance as the core feature of 700V DMOS devices reaching the international leading level at 19 ohm.mm2. Besides this, key features of 700V DMOS devices, such as ESD and UIS, have been greatly enhanced compared with the former generation technology, and they can be used for the manufacturing of LED Lighting Driving Chip and AC-DC AC/DC Power Supply Switching Chip with higher power.

                  CSMC exclusively launched the first generation silicon based 700V CDMOS technology domestically in 2007, and took the lead to realize the monolithic integration of Low-voltage CMOS Control Circuit and 700V-Power DMOS which reached an international leading level. The Power Supply Switching Chip developed by CSMC cooperating with its customers through this technology has won the largest market share in the domestic small appliances market, and has been awarded the First Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress of Jiangsu Province and the Second Prize for State Technological Invention. Based on the long-term accumulated and extraordinary capability of research & development and mass production in the field of super high-voltage technology, CSMC successfully cooperated with many customers in the applications such as LED Lighting Driving, AC-DC Power Supply Switching, etc., again exclusively launched the second generation silicon based 700V BCD technology for the domestic market in 2010 and realized large-scale mass production by the end of 2011. The current successful development process of the third generation Ultra-high Voltage 700V BCD has contributed to the core competence improvement of CSMC in the field of the BCD technology platform.

                  The voltage of the BCD process platform from CSMC ranges from 1.8V to 700V and its line width from 1μm to 0.18μm. It can satisfy all-round demands from various high voltage, high precision and high density applications. In the future, CSMC will continuously increase the investment in Ultra-high Voltage BCD Technology. In the mean time, SOI Technology will be adopted and Trench and Isolation Buried Oxide Isolation Technology will be introduced in the development of next generation technology to further satisfy the demands of green power supply IC, including Bridge Drive Circuit and Monolithic Integrated Low Power PIM Module, etc.

                  Because of the influence of the energy crisis, energy conservation and emission reduction have become a common aspiration for the whole world, and energy-saving and environmental protection have been included in the seven strategic emerging industries of China. With a predictable bright future, 700V the BCD process will play a more and more important role by virtue of its feature to satisfy the demands of emerging applications especially that of high voltage power. The application market of LED lighting driving technology supported by this process has much potential in China. According to CCID data, the China semiconductor lighting market scale of 2012 has reached 30.3 billion Yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 43.3%. It has begun to transform from market introduction to rapid development. The rate of China’s semiconductor market penetration is approx.7% which means a huge opportunity in substituting for traditional lighting.