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                Wuxi CR Huajing Micro Brought the Trophy of the 6th Wuxi “Mayor Quality Award”

                发稿时间:2014-02-27来源:华晶 【 字体:

                  In February, the Meeting of Further Improving Quality to Strengthen the City of Wuxi & the 6th “Mayor Quality Award” presentation meeting was held, the subsidiary business of CR Micro, Wuxi China Resources Huajing Micro was honored the 6th Wuxi City “Mayor Quality Award”.

                  During the meeting, Mayor of Wuxi City Mr. Wang Quan and Deputy Mayor of Wuxi City Mr. Cao Jiazhong attended the meeting and made important speeches. Director of Wuxi Quality Monitoring Bureau Mr. Pei Zhiliang read the recognition decision of the 6th “Mayor Quality Award”. Main leaders, principals of relevant departments, and principals of key enterprises from member units of the working group of Improving Quality to Strengthen the City of Wuxi and National Model City that Strengthens Itself by Improving Quality also attended the meeting.