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                CR Micro was Awarded “2014 Top10 Semiconductor Manufacturing Enterprise of China”

                发稿时间:2014-03-21来源:公司战◥略部 【 字体:

                  On March 14, the“IC Market China 2014”, jointly sponsored by CSIA and the Wuxi Information and Radio Administration Bureau was held in Wuxi. CR Micro was awarded “2014 Top10 Semiconductor Manufacturing Enterprise of China”, and two products - Management System of Lithium Battery Monitoring and Balance Protection(PT61XX series) developed by CR-PowTech, Microcontroller of Ultra-low Power Consumptionwere developed by Semico (Wuxi China Resources Semico Co., Ltd.) - were honored the IC product and technology prize of “the 8th (Year of 2013) China Innovation Product and Technology”.

                  The Company’s Director of Board Mr. Chen Shuo and Deputy General Manager Mr. Chen Nanxiang attended the meeting. Deputy General Manager of CSMC (CSMC Technologies Corporation) Mr. Shao Jun was invited to make a speech with the topic Green Energy-saving Solution Based on Local Territory on the seminar of “Green & Energy-saving and IC Development Trend”.

                  “Management System of Lithium Battery Monitoring and Balance Protection(PT61XX series)” developed by CR-PowTech realized balance management and protection to the battery pack through built-in high precision amplifier, charge balance circuit and gate drive circuit, and could realize effective management of 3~12 lithium battery or lithium iron phosphate battery pack by utilizing SCM (single chip micyoco) charging algorithm. The system was basically monopolized by foreign manufacturers before, but CR-PowTech has established a leading position domestically in the last generation front system and also has international competence.

                  The low power consumption CPU design technology independently researched and developed by Semico (Wuxi China Resources Semico Co., Ltd.) was adopted in its “Super Low Power Consumption Micro Controller” which features flexible secondary development, strong electromagnetism compatibility, air ESD (electrostatic discharge) where the voltage is over 8000V, and noise immunity of group pulse where the voltage is over 2000V. Besides this, it can be used on application occasions that require a higher standard of low power consumption, electromagnetism compatibility. It could break the monopoly of foreign companies, improve the industrialization capability and independent innovation capability of relevant domestic electronic manufacturing enterprises, and will actively push forward the development of the IC industry of our country.