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                CR Micro Conveyed, Studied and Carried out the Spirit of the Group’s Meeting

                发稿时间:2014-05-13来源:公司办公室 【 字体:

                  On May 4, CR Micro held the meeting on conveying, studying and carrying out the spirit of the Group’s Work Meeting on In-depth Rectification and Anti-corruption. There were altogether 70 people who took part in the meeting, including members of the Company’s Executive Committee, Party Committee and Discipline Inspection Commission, principals of HQ departments, members of BU management teams, secretaries and deputy secretaries of Party Committees, and members of Discipline Inspection Commissions. The Company set parallel sessions of China Resources Semiconductor and Semicon Microelectronics (Shenzhen) Co. in Shenzhen and CR-PowTech in Shanghai.

                  In the meeting, the Company conveyed and studied the requirements of “Three Strictness and Three Honesty” put forward by General Secretary of the Communist Party of China Mr. Xi Jinping, the spirit of a series of speeches on deepening the rectification work of the mass line of education practice and strengthening style construction and anti-corruption work, and also the spirit of the important speech by Director of Board of the Group Mr. Chen Shuo on the Work Meeting of In-depth Rectification and Anti-corruption on April 30.

                  The Director of Board and Secretary of the Party Committee Mr. Chen Shuo made a full deployment for implementing the spirit of the Group’s meeting.