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                Director of Board Mr. Fu Yu’ning Listened to the Work Report from CR Micro

                发稿时间:2014-06-02来源:公司办↘公室 【 字体:

                  In the afternoon on May 29, Director of Board Mr. Fu Yu’ning listened to the work report from CR Micro and had an informal discussion with the management team of the Company. Association Director Mr. Wang Yin also attended the meeting.

                  Principal of CR Micro made a brief introduction of the Company, reported the business measures, performance improvement and market situation and strategic planning over the last 2 years and the main tasks of 2014. He also spoke on the issues of the relationship with the government, technology and talent introduction, incentive mechanism for innovative talents of science and technology, and other important topics.

                  Director of Board Mr. Fu praised CR Micro for the improvement of its business performance during the past 2 years. He pointed out that at this historical moment when industrialization is to be replaced by informationization, there will be great potential in China’s microelectronics market. Globally, there are communication barriers between technology and business opportunities, and from technology to consumer, and an enterprise will only obtain business success so long as it can break down these barriers and carry out effective communication.

                  Director Fu emphasized that CR Micro should build a market-oriented awareness to explore business opportunities around the application market and turn demands into products; it shall focus on technological innovations, especially those that are based on market application, and fully utilize technologies from colleges and institutions to equip itself with the capability to organize resources reasonably; it shall pay attention to cultivation, introduction, and retention of top talents, and establish a proper mechanism and environment for innovation; it shall care about the issues such as flexible production line management, research & development work quantification, etc. Director Fu said that as the only business entity within the Group that associates itself with high technologies, CR Micro must pay attention to research & development investment and product innovation, especially innovations of basic technologies, and support research & development projects with its success in the business market; the Group should focus on the issues such as market development potential, team capability, financial situation, etc.. Finally he expressed his wish that the management team of CR Micro could become stronger, make good use of existing resources to gain business profits and follow the national strategy to make an important contribution as a central state-owned enterprise should do.