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                CR Micro Published Annual Social Responsibility Report of 2013

                发稿时间:2014-07-08来源:公司〓办公室 【 字体:

                  On July 8, CR Micro published the Annual Social Responsibility Report of 2013, the first social responsibility report issued by CR Micro.

                  As a part of the Social Responsibility Report of CR Group, Annual Social Responsibility Report of 2013, CR Micro disclosed the work that has been carried out by CR Micro on performing its social responsibilities in 2013, including “Company Profile”, “Economic Development”, “Key Performance”, “Supply Chain Management”, “Environmental Protection”, “Security Management”, “Employee Development and Care”, and “Social Benefit”. The Report is intended to make a real and objective display of the efforts and performances CR Micro has made concerning social responsibilities and it was published on CR Micro’s website.

                  In the late years, CR Micro has been active in leading the China microelectronics industry ahead and has endeavored towards constructing a social responsibility management system which can create value with CR Micro characteristics. The idea of sustainable development has always been the theme throughout the enterprise management. The Company has made utmost efforts to create a green organization with core competence, performed social responsibilities with practical actions, and carried out a series of effective works for value creation, harmonious society, partner responsibility fulfillment and the environment-friendly promotion.

                  In 2013, CR Micro again was elected “Top 100 Electronic Information Enterprise”, and its subsidiary enterprises won honors such as “Nationwide Top Enterprise of Social Accountability of Information Industry”, “Demonstration Enterprise of Health Promotion of Jiangsu Province”, etc.

                  In the future, CR Micro will continue raise the staff’s awareness of participating in social responsibilities, promote the integration of social responsibility with business management, strengthen communications, continuously make improvements, constantly satisfy the expectation of interested parties, and make an effort to build an enterprise that is “Trusted by Investors, Loved by Employees, Respected by the Society, Praised by the Public”.

                  Please review Annual Social Responsibility Report of 2013of CR Micro at: