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                CR Micro Was Elected 2014 (the 28th Session) Top 100 Electronic Information Enterprise of China

                发稿时间:2014-07-15来源:公司战◥略部 【 字体:

                  On July 11, 2014 (the 28th Session) Top 100 Electronic Information Enterprises of China were released in Ji’an, Jiangxi, based on data from the 2013 annual statistical report for the national electronic information industry, initially evaluated by local departments in charge, and finally weighting evaluated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology according to factors such as enterprise scale, efficiency, research & development, social accountability, and so on. CR Micro was elected the rank of 82nd, 12 places higher than the previous year.

                  There are 7 remarkable features in the new Top 100 Electronic Information Enterprises: the first is the constantly expanding operation scale and the higher shortlisted threshold; the second is an outstanding leading function and a higher enterprise concentration; the third is the profitability promotion and the operation capability enhancement; the forth is more investments in research & development, and obvious innovation results; the fifth is a deployment oriented to the globe, with a higher operation level; the sixth is a faster integration and penetration, with deepening structural adjustment; the seventh is an outstanding backbone role with enhanced responsibility consciousness.

                  Vice-Minister of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Mr. Yang Xueshan and Director of Electronic Information Department Mr. Ding Wenwu attended the meeting.